"Mike, there's a lot of information out there but few books are true resources. Bulletproof Knees is one of those. Considering your background in biomechanics, your experience in rehabilitating and training athletes, AND the fact that you yourself have experienced the hard road back from a knee injury to perform at a high level, is there anyone more ideal to bring this manual to the fitness industry?

Not even close. Your insight is invaluable."


Bill Hartman




"I will say without hesitation that this manual is one of the best manuals I have read in recent memory for two reasons:

1. For its immediate influence on myself. Having been battling my own knee pain for the past few years, I can honestly say I wish I would have had this product a long time ago. I learned more about the knee in the few hours it took me to read this manual than I had in the past few years.

2. For it's practicality. Not only is "Bulletproof Knees" written in an easy to follow manner, but is chalk full of up-to-date, experienced based, and researched based info that as a trainer, I can use with my clients immediately.

All in all, "Bulletproof Knees" is an invaluable product that I would highly recommend to any therapist, trainer, or weekend warrior who has bad knees or deals with clients with bad knees."

Tony Gentilcore, CSCS



Bulletproof Knees represents a breakthrough in knee training and rehabilitation. Mike Robertson does a stand out job delivering the most cutting edge information on why knees are hurt and how to get them better. I deal with knee injuries everyday and this has become my ONLY resource for working with knees. Knee issues are incredibly debilitating and what’s even worse is our lack of practical knowledge. Bulletproof Knees breaks the mold and supplies trainers and average Joes will all the information that they will need to fix knees fast”.

Jimmy Smith, CSCS

Body Enhancement Specialist





"I'm no expert, just an old (48) guy who's been involved in athletics in one way or another since he was a small child.  But I do know this to be true:  Mike Robertson knows what he's doing.  Obviously, it's taken work on my part, too, but since I've been following Mike's advice, my knee / leg, which had been a problem for decades, has become relatively pain-free and I'm able to use that leg in ways I never thought would be possible.

I'll say it again: Mike Robertson knows what he's doing."

Mark T.

Robertson Training Systems Online Client



"My lifting had come to a halt for a couple of months due to severe knee pain. However, using some of the techniques Mike outlined in “Bulletproof Knees,” I have been able to resume my normal training free of pain. After reading Mike’s articles and speaking with him, I have learned to implement several strategies that have kept me pain-free for nearly 6 months. I have been able to stick to my normal training schedule and (I believe as a result) my numbers on several lifts have improved. I would strongly recommend Mike’s training expertise to anyone who feels that they could benefit from pain reduction in this area. I am very grateful for the assistance I received in solving this problem!"

Jessica Gosney, MS, MA, BS



"Spending over 15years in the sports medicine field, I have seen my fair share of knee injuries. From chronic irritations, to massive “blow outs” I have experienced it all. A professional is hard pressed to find good, practical information on how to not only take care of knees, but also and more importantly “prevent” and “reduce” injury rates around this important joint. Mike Robertson has finally done it. In his Bullet Proof Knees Manual, Mike is the first to put it all together into one, comprehensive manual that not only explains the functional anatomy of the knee and its surrounding structures, but he explains how anyone and everyone can help take care of their knees and prevent major problems from occurring. This is a manual that every professional in the field of fitness, personal training, strength and conditioning, performance training, and athletic training, must own, read and apply. It is that good! Mike has done an exceptional job putting it all together. Don’t miss this one if you are in the field."

Keith Scott, MS, ATC, CSCS

 Performance Enhancement Specialist




"You would be hard-pressed to find a guy in the industry with a better
understanding of the knee as it relates to health and  performance than Mike Robertson.  I've read this manual cover-to-cover and witnessed the bonus presentation he's made available, and both are nothing short of outstanding.  Whether you're someone with chronic knee pain or someone looking to avoid it, this manual deserves a spot in your library."

Eric Cressey
Boston, MA